About Us


for Inspiring Young Minds.

School out, Thrive in. Stress is out and wonder’s in! Step into our tranquil oasis for young minds. More than just an after-school program, we are a sanctuary designed for inspiring young minds. A cool hang-out for children to find balance and recharge after the daily hustle of school life. A happy nest where mindfulness and learning harmoniously intertwine. A haven where every child can flourish and thrive.

Dive into Thrive. A holistic after-school care community powered by Julia Gabriel. Here, we engage minds we illuminate connections,stoke curiosity, instill confidence, enspire creativity, encourage mindfulness and most of all, we spark courage. Inspiring a learning paradise where every child is happy and positively empowered to thrive and succeed.

Thrive. A home away from home. A fun and inspiring sanctuary for every child to unwind, enjoy and enrich, after school.

With Thrive, after-school care found a new name.

Our Enviroment

One of the key tenets of the EduDrama® philosophy is to provide an enabling, welcoming and comfortable environment designed with children’s needs in mind. THRIVE provides spaces for socialisation, group activities, quiet reflection, and decompression after a busy day at school, creating a secure and conducive space for children to learn and grow.