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After-school Programmes

Thrive After-school Sanctuary provides a premium programme that empowers children to thrive by offering a transformative, holistic, and inspiring learning experience. Through a unique blend of programmes, experienced educators, a nurturing environment, and the integration of the Julia Gabriel EduDrama® philosophy, Thrive After-school Sanctuary promises to support children’s well-rounded development, foster their confidence and creativity, and equip them with the skills and mindset needed to succeed, and thrive, in life.

Children are guided to complete their school homework and spelling tasks, enjoy healthy and nutritious catered meals and meaningful interactions with their peers during times of rest and relaxation.

Enrichment programmes are conducted daily, where children participate in the Julia Gabriel Speech Communication Arts, Julia Gabriel Think N’Ink and Chengzhu Mandarin Language Skills programmes to hone their English and Mandarin oral and written language skills. Students are further supported in their learning of mathematics with a curriculum which is conducted under license from Acer Academy Pte Ltd. Once a week, students also engage in a sports and movement programme curated by KIDSmoov Singapore which focuses on their physical development. 

As part of the Thrive programme, children engage in daily Mindful Moments activities to nurture their social-emotional competencies. 

The Thrive Mindful Moments curriculum is accessible to individuals from diverse backgrounds and aims to develop a strong positive self-image in students based on a growth mindset and an awareness of their individual strengths. Through developing values such as respect, resilience, responsibility, integrity, harmony and care, children learn to exercise empathy, appreciate and care for others and their environment, work in teams, share ideas, respect the opinions of others and engage in positive communication. 

Over the course of the year, students focus on building a positive self-image, developing self-awareness, growing a positive mindset and social awareness. With regular practice, children grow into thoughtful and resilient students who have internalised strategies to help them manage feelings and emotions, challenges and setbacks.

At Thrive After-school Sanctuary, children experience a haven of possibilities. Our holistic approach to education is evident through the attention given to these four domains of a child’s learning and development. 

  • Physical – Children enjoy healthy and nutritious meals and a robust sports and movement programme to encourage them to be active and alert. 
  • Language and literacy – Competency in English and Mandarin are enhanced through Julia Gabriel and Chengzhu enrichment programmes, all of which harness the power of drama and expressive speaking to enable children to use language with confidence. 
  • Cognitive – Support for children in their academic development through supervision of homework, revision and a robust mathematics curriculum 
  • Social/Emotional – Positive communication, respectful relationships and development of values