Enrichment Programmes

Acer Academy Mathematics Programme

 (1½ hours weekly)

‘Unlock the World of Mathematics’ is a quality mathematics programme dedicated to nurturing young mathematical minds, offering a comprehensive curriculum designed to instill a deep understanding and appreciation of mathematics.

The curriculum is a result of years of meticulous development by top educators encompassing a structured and progressive programme which aligns with Singapore’s rigorous math education standards. Students will embark on an exciting journey from foundational concepts to advanced problem-solving techniques, ensuring a solid mathematical foundation.

Our teaching methodology aims to instill curiosity and interest in students through hands-on learning, real-world applications and interactive lessons that are highly engaging. Emphasis is placed on critical thinking, problem-solving and logical reasoning skills, all of which are essential as children move on to their later years of education.

Thrive After-school Sanctuary is licensed by Acer Academy to deliver this programme. Students benefit from:

  • Mastery, confidence and competence in mathematics, which boosts their understanding of the subject with the aim to improve grades
  • Problem-solving skills and the ability to tackle complex problems by thinking out of the box
  • Critical thinking and application of mathematical concepts to real-life scenarios
  • Global competence with a curriculum that sets the foundation for students to succeed in both local and international math assessments

“Unlock the World of Mathematics” is not just about grades. We aim to foster an interest for math and make mathematics enjoyable, inspiring students to explore the subject further themselves. Join us on this mathematical journey, and unlock the potential within your child.