Enrichment Programmes

Chengzhu Mandarin Centre Mandarin Expressions Programme

Primary 5 & 6  (2 hours weekly)

Mandarin Expressions supports students in meeting the requirements of the Ministry of Education’s Primary 5 and 6 Chinese curriculum whilst cultivating the confidence to express themselves fluently in the language. Furthermore, this unique programme from Chengzhu Mandarin Centre provides students with opportunities to utilise Mandarin in contexts that extend beyond academic settings, enriching their lives with meaningful and relevant experiences. By imbuing Mandarin learning with purpose and relevance, the programme fosters a genuine appreciation for the language among upper-primary students, encouraging its enjoyment in all aspects of life.

Activities focus on five main areas of learning:

  • Oral language activities: Incorporating discussions, vocabulary-building exercises, interactive games, and presentation activities, with the aim of enhancing children’s oral communication skills, assisting them in organising their thoughts effectively, and fostering confidence in speaking in both formal and informal settings.
  • Literature and picture analysis: Discussions cover the format, meaning and emotions behind stories, poems and pictures of various forms and structures.
  • Contextual use of language: Exercises concentrate on employing Mandarin beyond academic settings, encompassing tasks like composing emails and engaging in online communication in Mandarin. These activities aim to enhance language proficiency and foster a broader comprehension of the language.
  • Writing skills – Structure and style: Practice involves employing various styles and structures of writing, as well as rhetorical and literary devices like personification, hyperbole, and analogy, to refine writing skills.
  • Writing skills – Creativity and expression: Crafting stories and poems, nurturing creative thinking and imagination, and articulating thoughts and emotions through written expression.