Enrichment Programmes

Julia Gabriel Centre
Think N’Ink Programme

 (1½ hours weekly)

The Julia Gabriel Centre Think N’ Ink programme is carefully structured to help children succeed in school and meet the standards expected of primary students by the Singapore Ministry of Education. It focuses on key literacy skills such as comprehension and composition through a text-type approach, with an increasing emphasis on written responses to stories.

Students are also gradually guided through creative, composition and functional writing to develop enthusiasm for writing and to build their confidence as writers. While on the programme, Primary 1 to 6 students learn to:

  • Read and appreciate different text types with fluency and understanding. 
  • Decode texts for the main idea and supporting details. 
  • Confidently answer comprehension questions. 
  • Understand and use the writing process to become more effective writers. 
  • Write a variety of texts with a good range of thematic vocabulary. 
  • Master complex punctuation and grammar. 
  • Integrate non-fiction information to develop deeper understanding of a topic. 
  • Develop critical thinking skills:  Analysing characters, inferring meaning from contextual clues, evaluating, interpreting and analysing reading content. 
  • Use strategies to succeed in PSLE examinations.